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Surfing Costa Rica

April 2, 2013

Three months ago, I took a Christmas trip to the South West of Costa Rica to visit some family folks. Since we had kids with us, we didn’t do much, except for going to the beach, and surfing. This area is pretty hard to reach, considering you need to take a one hour long flight from San Jose (in what feels like the most insecure plane ever) and you’ll have to drive for two hours in dirt tracks.

I’m no expert at surfing (I managed to do a few successful take-offs, though), but the Pavones bay seems to be a real surfers heaven, a lot of people come from all over the world to surf Pavones’ famous left, from pros to surf fans.

This pictures were taken in the four famous spots in this area: Playa Zancudo, Puerto Pilon (where I was staying), Punta Banco and Playa Rio Claro de Pavones (generally called Pavones, famous for having the longest left in the world).

More pictures on my Costa Rica set on Flickr.

Bastien Labelle

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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Marie says:

    je veux être la fille blonde sur l’avant-dernière photo. ça avait l’air ouf !

  2. Bridesire says:

    such a wonderful place! i would want to go there for a vacation next year im so excited!

  3. Jennyjoseph says:

    So beautiful place and sea,i hope to have a holiday there,too

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