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A beautiful journey with Anna Chalon.

October 4, 2010

My friend Thien is really good at finding new talents. She made me discover Anna Chalon a few monthes ago, and I really liked her songs on MySpace. So when Thien told me if I was in for a private concert at “Le 146” with Anna, my answer couldn’t be no (actually, it was more kind of a “Hell YEAH!”).

Anna Chalon – Feel Good Song from Thien Nguyen on Vimeo.

Everything was set to have a perfect night: red wine, friendly people, among other things. And more importantly, an acoustic guitar coupled with a really gorgeous voice.

A while ago, I wrote on this blog that with only a guitar and your voice, if you’re talented enough, you can do something great!

It applies to Anna. We made a beautiful journey through Anna’s universe.

And it felt good. So good.

Thanks to Thien & Laurent for hosting the show, and a big thanks to Anna, I’ll be the first to buy your album when it’s released!

Photo credit goes to myself (more on Flickr) and Video credit goes to Thien (more on Vimeo)

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  1. […] Anna Chalon is back and now goes under the name of Kiddo. Here’s a teaser of her new song “La Parisienne”, the entire videoclip should be online in the next two weeks. […]

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