Surfing Costa Rica

Three months ago, I took a Christmas trip to the South West of Costa Rica to visit some family folks. Since we had kids with us, we didn’t do much, except for going to the beach, and surfing. This area is pretty hard to reach, considering you need to take a one hour long flight from San Jose (in what feels like the most insecure plane ever) and you’ll have to drive for two hours in dirt tracks.

I’m no expert at surfing (I managed to do a few successful take-offs, though), but the Pavones bay seems to be a real surfers heaven, a lot of people come from all over the world to surf Pavones’ famous left, from pros to surf fans.

This pictures were taken in the four famous spots in this area: Playa Zancudo, Puerto Pilon (where I was staying), Punta Banco and Playa Rio Claro de Pavones (generally called Pavones, famous for having the longest left in the world).

More pictures on my Costa Rica set on Flickr.

JP Auclair Street Segment from All.I.Can.

Since the X Games start tomorrow in Tignes, I was in the mood of watching some freeski videos. Here’s JP Auclair’s Street Segment, from the movie All.I.Can. I recently watched on my way back to Toulouse.

Oh, and you should check out the behind the scenes footage, too.


The most famous snowboard rider from the Pyrénées is definitely Xavier De Le Rue. What everyone doesn’t know is that his family is full of amazing riders. His little brother, Paul-Henri, made this beautiful edit in Saint-Lary, also known as Saint-Lala for the locals (which explains the title “Helilala”).

This is the proof that the Pyrénées have great skiing/snowboarding spots, contrary to common belief :)

Kilian Martin, the artist.

Here’s Blank Canvas, the latest skate video of Kilian Martin. This guy does unbelievable things with a simple skateboard (or two, sometimes). He’s mixing tricks and dancing, and he really honors the true meaning of the word freestyle. He’s basically reinventing skateboarding (even Stacy Peralta is here to back me up on this one).

Fun fact: usually, pro riders Facebook pages are categorized as Athletes. But Kilian Martin’s Facebook Page is filed under Artist. Which is actually much more appropriate, because the guy really is an artist.


I often pick a new album to listen based on its cover. OK, Tame Impala‘s Lonerism was rated 9 on Pitchfork. But still, when you enter a record shop, the cover is what defines the album you are going to pick, even before you start listening to it.


I guess the photograh of Les jardins du Luxembourg in Paris catched my eye, for some reason.

Tame Impala is an Australian band who makes awesome psychedelic rock. Lonerism is probably the best psych rock album I’ve listened to since White Fence’s Is Growing Faith, and God knows how much I love White Fence. Oh, and I love how they define their music: psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music. Simply awesome.

Here’s Keep on lying, probably the best song of the album, almost six minutes of pure happiness.